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Est 2009
SHB Live @ The Rise Utah 2019
SHB Live @ The Rise Utah 2019

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Steven Halliday Band
Steven Halliday Band

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Steven Halliday Band 2
Steven Halliday Band 2

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SHB Live @ The Rise Utah 2019
SHB Live @ The Rise Utah 2019

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Steven Halliday - Lead Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Danny Buffinton - Bass/Vocals
Dalen Ficklin - Keys/Uke/Guitar

Ryan Miller - Sax/Other
Trent Halliday - Drums

SHB sometimes features other artists and musicians on stage.

Band Info

Based in Utah, Steven Halliday Band has a 12 year history of professional live performances and recordings.


They pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility with authentic instruments, and continue to break boundaries with their unique sound and style.

Some people might compare Steven Halliday's music to Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer... although no one else quite captures the essence of SHB.

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Steven Halliday writes unique and original music with a fun-loving vibe that everyone can boogie to. Steven's niche is easy-listening funky-rock with a blend of many different genres, from jazz and blues, to good ole rock'n'roll. His songs are infused with uplifting lyrics and catchy melodies that are professionally polished for any type of venue or setting.

Steven Halliday began his music career in Logan, Utah in 2006 while attending Utah State University. He performed regularly for Smokin' Blues BBQ restaurant and established the Steven Halliday Band. In 2009, Steven Halliday recorded his first professional album in Nashville, TN 'Beginner's Luck'. Since then, he and his band mates have recorded several self-produced albums including their most recent release, 'A Lot To Give'. 

SHB is currently working on a new 5-song EP, currently untitled, and expected to be released later in 2021.


Steven Halliday (or the band) have opened for many well-known artists or groups, including:

  • John Popper (Blues Travler)

  • Guster

  • OAR

  • KT Tunstell

  • Young The Giant

  • Matisyahu

  • Alan Stone

  • Gavin DeGraw

  • & many more...

Listening to Music


"You might come to their show not knowing any of their songs, but you'll leave LOVING every single one."


Whitnie W. ~ SHB Super Fan

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A Lot To Give

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